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Steelers Quiz – How Much Do You Really Know?

1. Who did Arians ask to be his go-between for he and the wide receiver corps when he was the team’s wide receivers coach?

2. Who did Gary Dunn tackle into a car on the Pittsburgh Turnpike?

3. Who was taken out to dinner at the age of 10 by Art Rooney Sr. then drafted by him?

4. Who started the “Dress Off” competition?

5. Who is “still scared” of Delton Hall?

6. What player did the beat impression of Bill Cowher?

7. Where did the 60’s teams practice on bad weather days?

8. Who kept putting water in Jack Lambert’s shoulder pads?

9. Who wheeled a tied-up Rocky Bleier into the locker room in a shopping cart on his last day as a Steeler?

10. What Steeler used to dress in a rubber suit in training camp, and why?

11. What Steeler was later blackballed from the NFL?

12. Who was “Big Play Ray”?

13. Who did L.C. Greenwood call “His Rookie”?

14. Name at least three Steelers that left the team to return in later years?

15. What former Steeler has a passion for knitting?

16. What scares Jack Lambert most?

17. Who ran a name your favorite sportswriter ad in the Post-Gazette?

18. What Steeler intercepted Joe Namath three times in one game?

19. What Steelers team set the record for the worst turnover ratio in the NFL? 

20. What OL refused to accept a  pass play call because he wanted to get to the bar before closing time?

21. How did Art Rooney do for Brian Blankenship after he notified Mr. Rooney of his injury?

22. What prompted Roy Jefferson’s trade to Baltimore?

23. What Steelers scout was most responsible for the drafting of John Stallworth?

24. Which Steeler was the original target for the play that turned into the Immaculate Reception?

25..Who was “Boobie”?

26. What Steelers quarterback consistently talked so fast in the huddle he was frequently told to calm down by his linemen?

27. What Steeler was one of the first ten players to sue the NFL  for Anti-Trust issues?

28. Who was the Steelers’ player rep during the ’87 strike?

29. Who stranded John Banaszak at the Super Burger?

30. Name at least three Steelers that played in the USFL?

31. What former Steeler is now a glass-artist?

32. Who ran out of the Steelers dorm yelling “The mongoose is loose!”, and why?

33. What Steeler knocked Mike Ditka into a goalpost?

34. Who was Mad Rad?

35. Who established the Steelers’ first weight-lifting program?

36. What was “The Crab”?

37. Who replaced Lambert for the entire second half of Super Bowl IX?

38. Who caught Terry Bradshaw’a last pass?

39. Who did the Steelers play in the first ever Monday night game?

40. Who stuffed K Matt Bahr in a shopping cart while in his boxers and wheeled him into the Steelers lobby?

41. What Steelers coach put alarms on the dorm room exits?

42. Who put baby powder in Mike Kruczek’s helmet?

43. Who was the most superstitious Steelers head coach?

44. Where did Chuck Noll coach before he joined the Steelers?

45. What former Steeler currently has two sons playing in the NFL?

46. Who was the first radio announcer for the Steelers?

47. Who was “Knotty Pine”?

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