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Stefan Logan, Steelers Kick Returner/Wide Receiver, 2009

April 6, 2014

First, can you let readers know about your time in the CFL. How has the CFL and BC specifically enabled you to find success as a professional football player?

The British Columbia (BC) Lions have let me come in and play and did not even think twice about my size or what disadvantage or advantages I  had to play the game. It helped me become a better person and football player because nothing was giving to me – I had to earn it.

How were you recruited by BC/the CFL coming out of the University of South Dakota? How did you decide on playing for BC and in the CFL?

Being recruited back to the  BC Lions was my decision because I love the game of football and can play with the best of them. The NFL is about politics, school, size and money. That is crazy because some of the greatest players came from smaller schools, like Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Walter Payton, Larry Allen, Mike Singletary…Etc…

But that shows schools or Size  doesn’t matter. Talent is Talent in my eyes.

You signed with the Steelers in 2009 after finding success in the CFL. What made you decide to sign with Pittsburgh – especially as they had a deep WR corps with Ward, Holmes, Wallace, and Sweed?

Signing with Steelers in 2009 was a great move for me.  Coach Tomlin gave me a chance to showcase my talent to the world and I was blessed to share my adventure in the NFL. But at the same time I didn’t worry about who was on the team. I was more focused on making the team.

They say great coaches will find a way to get you on the field and let you make plays. The wide receiver corps was deep with Ward, Holmes, Wallace and Sweed. But I had something different from them. Size, a good sense of gravity, and I was able to play multiple positions. I learned a lot from Hines Ward – he was a great, hard-nosed football player. And great mentor.

You made the team predominantly as a return man. Was it frustrating not getting more opportunities on offense – and how competitive were the receivers on the team – how did everyone get along as they vied for playing time/passes?

Yes, I made the team as a return man, which was great. But at some point I wanted more playing time on the field because of my completive nature. I would  have loved to do more and help the team but never got the chance to.

As far as in the locker room, everyone got along great. You didn’t hear about people complaining about playing time.

Who on the Steelers team helped mentor you and help you adjust to the NFL and the team culture? And how hard was the adjustment for you?

Who helped mentor me and keep me on the right track? I would say Hines Ward, Roy Lewis, Ryan Clark and Troy Palamalu. The things they did and said on and off the field were very helpful to me. It showed how you be a leader, teammate, and be responsible. And yes, it was very hard trying to stay calm and make the adjustment to the NFL.

The team struggled at times during that 2009 season. What was behind those struggles, in your opinion, and how did the team and coaching staff handle the ups and downs of that 9-7 season

The struggles we went though as a team were difficult because of the fact they were Super Bowl champions. And knowing next year every team would be gunning for that top spot. The team and coaches did the best they could to keep us in good spirits and high hopes in order to make the playoffs that year. But our record spoke for itself.

You read a lot about the loss of leadership on the current Steelers team as it looks to transition from veterans to younger players. Who were the leaders on the Steelers teams you played for and how did they assert themselves as leaders? Any examples?

The leaders on the team were Big Ben, Hines Ward, Ryan Clark, Brett Keisel. Those guys spoke when it was time and they showed up when the game was on the line. They let their play do the talking –  not their words.

At 5’6″, you carried the unfortunate label as an “undersized” receiver. How did that influence your approach to the game and how do you think you excelled most as a player?

Size always played a factor playing the NFL. Yes they labeled me as an “Undersized” player, but I did everything in my power to change their minds about my size. Doing your best doesn’t always help GM’s, and coaches will play who they like. But at the end of the day they put their pants on the same way. I went hard in practices and games. I’m 5’6″ – ok so what. Football is football.

Humor plays a big part in keeping teams loose. Who were some of the guys on the Steelers teams you played for that helped keep things light, and how did they do so?

Guys like Nick Eason, William Gay, Deshea Townsend. Those guys was always had jokes and it didn’t matter if we were winning or losing – they tried to keep things fun.

You found yourself in Detroit for a few years in Pittsburgh. How did that occur and how did the two franchises differ, from your perspective?

Playing in Detroit was very different. Coming to a franchise that had great Hall of Fame players but couldn’t make it to the dance. Talent was never the issue – they just couldn’t put it together the right way to win the big games. On the other hand, Pittsburgh was a franchise that knew what winning was all about. Five time Super Bowl champions and Hall of Fame players.

What are your favorite moments as a Steeler?

Favorite moment as a Steeler?  In a 2009 preseason game against the Caroline Panthers – the first punt return of the game I took for a touchdown, which helped me make the team. Their was no greater feeling then to hear Coach Mike Tomlin say “That’s our returner  – you’ve made the team.” And I was done for the night…

Any last thoughts for readers?

Thank you for letting me share my feelings and thoughts with being with the Steelers and Coming back to Canada playing with the BC Lions. Loved every minute of it. Lets go BC Lions!

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