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The {Steady} State of the Steelers Union

March 26, 2014

The Steelers headed into this offseason with nine roster spots needing addressed:

DL: 2 needed: Keisel, Hood, and Woods all left. Arnfelt can step in for Woods. But 2 more were needed
WR: 2 needed: Sanders and Cotchery needed replaced
S: 1 needed: Clark departed
CB: 1 needed: Dearth of talent here – especially for those that can create turnovers
RB: 1 needed: Dwyer gone – a veteran, proven back is needed behind Bell
OLB: 1 needed: Depth needed with Woodley gone and no one to step in for 2 starters
ILB: 1 needed: Foote gone and the talent is thin here

What has been resolved to date?:

4 spots so far – with a 5th seemingly imminent

S: Mitchell’s signing locks down the safety concerns
DL: the signing of DL Cam Thomas replaces Hood’s rotation work. A starter-caliber player still is needed
WR Lance Moore replaces Cotchery as the # 3/slot WR. Wheaton will be given the chance to start but they need a more potent weapon here
LB: The signing of Moats takes the immediate pressure off of the LB spot. He can play inside and out
RB: A signing here seems imminent from all reports. Blount or another back seems to be a foregone conclusion

From here:

So, let’s assume a RB is signed before the draft. That leaves 4 roster spots needing addressed, if you consider they still need another LB.

Wild card:  Sean Spence. Can he fill that LB spot – is he healthy enough to do so. For now, let’s do as the Steelers FO does, which is to assume no until proven otherwise.


Elite WR depth goes deep into round 2. Elite  CB depth is round 1 only.

So, with this in mind:

Round 1: CB Justin Gilbert, Kyle Fuller, Darqueze Dennard
Round 2: WR Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham, Devante Adams or Donte Moncrief
Round 3: DT Brent Urban, DeAndre Coleman or DaQuan Jones
Round 4: LB Max Bullough, Khairi Fortt or Jordan Zumwalt
Round 5: RB James Wilder, Isiah Crowell, Antonio Andrews

Post Draft:

What this leaves is an issue on the DL and at OLB. I can see the Steelers signing a cheaper DL (Keisel?) and backup OLB (Harrison?) after June 1 cut days.


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