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March 11, 2012


First, can you let readers know about The PensBlog – what inspired the idea and how you developed your unique approach in your coverage of the penguins?

Honestly, we started blogging because there was basically no coverage of the Penguins back in 2006. We wanted to get info out there. Our approach is just how we and all of our friends have always watched games.

What should readers expect in 2012 from The PensBlog?

Nothing really. We just try to provide info, links, live streams, and whatever else. And we just try to be honest. Expecting anything from us would be a huge mistake.

You have a cult-like following among some Penguins fans. How do you differentiate yourself from other Penguins/hockey blogs – what do you think makes the blog a “destination site” for fans?

We have no clue. We’ve been Penguins fans in good times and bad. And there are a lot of people that are the same. It is amazing how similar Penguin fans are.

What’s been your favorite and most interesting stories you’ve covered so far. and why?

There are so many. The two runs to the Stanley Cup were great to be a part of, and we are lucky to have been running the blog during all of that. Going through all of the stages from the Penguins possibly moving, to them getting a new arena, and then seeing the new arena built has been amazing, too. 

You sometimes have to sit back and realize how close the Pens were to leaving the city.

Have you had the opportunity to meet any of the players? if so, who and how did that go – and if not, who would you most like to meet and have a beer with, and why?

We really haven’t met any of the players, and that is for the better we feel.  I am not sure we’d even like to have a beer with any of
them, either. They’re just guys playing sports for a living.

The Penguins organization puts out quite a bit of it’s own content on a daily basis. What are your thoughts on this – is this a good thing,from your perspective?

It definitely is a good thing. People are always looking for news. But sometimes you have to question the content because there is no chance of ever hearing anything negative. Not that there is anything negative, but sometimes it’s hard to trust the content when it comes from a biased source. 

People on the Internet aren’t dumb. Collectively, they can see through any and all smoke and mirrors.

Have you noticed the Penguins loosening up at all in their policy of not working with blogs. If so, how?

Yes. The Pens handle bloggers very well. They’ve given us press passes several times, although we no longer partake in it.

Fighting in the NHL. Yes…or no? And why?

Yes. Because it wouldn’t be hockey without it.  The frustrations have to come to a head like that.  If not, you’d see horrific injuries from
slashes and whatnot.

If the guys at The PensBlog had one day to take over as GM of the Penguins, what do you do, and why?

We’d probably go on message boards and plant rumors and watch the Internet destroy itself.

Who are the Penguins prospects you are most excited about seeing in the next couple of years in the NHL?

Simon Despres is going to be a monster. Really excited about what he can do.

Any last thoughts for readers?

Just a big thank-you to anyone who has visited the blog at one time or another. We think of anyone that reads our blog as our friends. We’ve met some great people because of the blog, too.  Even after five years of keeping up with the blog, it’s still a lot of fun.

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