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Ed Monaco Pennsylvania Hall of Fame

October 12, 2011

Ed Monaco, Biography Chairman – Washington-Greene Chapter of the Pennsylvania Hall of Fame (April 9,  2011):

First –can you tell readers a bit about the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame and about your chapter in specific. How did both get started?

The Washington-Greene chapter was founded in 1986.  There was an earlier Washington County Hall of Fame founded in 1971, but it was not affiliated with the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame.

The Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1962. Our membership is open to everyone for a $10.00 annual fee.

How is the HOF funded?

The HOF is a non-profit organization funded by membership fees, induction dinner proceeds, dinner program ads and donations.  We are currently working on some area corporate sponsorships also.

How are you affiliated with the Pennsylvania HOF- what do you do in conjunction with them?

I was part of the 1969 Canon-McMillan football team that was inducted in 2005.  I’ve been the Biography Chairman since 2007, responsible for compiling nominee and Inductee biographies, providing election ballots to the membership, and updating our web site as needed.

Any events coming up that would interest readers and prospective members – for both the your chapter and Pennsylvania one?

The annual inductee banquet is being held on Friday, June 10th at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel at The Meadows. The state banquet is usually held in the fall with a different local chapter hosting the event every year.  The Washington-Greene chapter last hosted in 2008.

What are some of the most interesting stories about the HOF athletes you’ve learned of in your tenure there?

The fact that some of these athletes came from humble beginnings in the small coal mining towns in the region and rose to sports prominence, sometimes on a national level.

How do inductees get nominated – what qualifies an athlete?

Any person or team that has brought fame and recognition to The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through outstanding achievements and accomplishments in sports endeavors is eligible.  

Nominees must have been a native of Washington or Greene Counties or a non-native that participated in Washington/Greene sports organizations.

Who besides athletes get inducted?

Anyone who has distinguished themselves in sports off the field is also eligible.  We have a Meritorious Service category, a Youth Services category, and a Special Honoree / Recognition category.  

In addition, there’s a Sports Journalism, Sports Broadcasting, a Team of Yesteryear category and a Posthumous category.  We’ve inducted administrators, coaches, athletic directors, umpires and other sports officials.

Who are some of the betterknown inductees in the Washington-Greene Chapter?

Barry Alvarez, Doug Kotar, Bill George, Bruce Gossett, Dick Haley, Wilbur Henry, Joe Righetti, Bruce Dal Canton, Sammy Angott, George Reihner, Delvin Miller.

There’s also an impressive list of well known local and amateur athletes from both counties.  

The entire Hall roster can be found on our website at:

What have been some of the more memorable experiences for you as an official of the Chapter?

As an official, the induction banquet is always the highlight of the year.  Almost all of the inductees, no matter which level of sport they’ve competed at, say that it’s always special when they’re remembered by their hometown.

Hosting the 2008 PA State Hall of Fame induction ceremony was also special for the Chapter.

Tell us about this year’s inductee class? What should readers know about this class?

The 2011 inductees were announced at the February 7th Chapter meeting.  Complete bios will be available in the Washington Observer-Reporter sometime in May.

The bios and pictures will be available on our website sometime in mid-June.

They are:

1. Derek Bochna – Football
2. Jeff Connors – Football
3. Brian Day – Swimming
4. Gilbert Floyd – Football
5. Jeremy Hunter – Wrestling
6. Randy Jackson – Football
7. Jamie LeMon – Football
8. Michael Marcishak – Baseball
9. Jeff Paxton – Wrestling
10. Ron Rothka – Wrestling
11. Fred Stuvek, Jr. – Football
12. Terry Faust – Youth Service
13. John Columbo – Soccer – Athlete of Distinction
14. William F. “Birdie” Cree – Baseball – Athlete of Distinction
15. Harry W. Bails – Football – Posthumous
16. Robert J. O’Connell – Wrestling – Posthumous
17. 1966 Waynesburg College Football – Team of Yesteryear
18. Nathan Kennedy – Special Honoree

Anything that would surprise readers about the Hall of Fame – both your chapter and the National?

The Washington-Greene Chapter has over 450 inductees.

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